Life as a color wheel

Life is a color wheel.

Primary colors are best friends and family.Close friends are secondary, tertiary colors.Complementary is the boyfriend/significant other– they make each other bright when next to each other.

Favorite colors are the combination of two best friends.

Jesus is the white light of all colors blind, all colors harmonizing to glorify God.

My faithful Dodge

When you get through the garage and there’s that grand opening which requires patience for the door to rise, you have two options. You can think a theme song in your head, garage door dramatically rising. You have a personal escort to anywhere on the continent! How awesome is that?

Or you can wait for the door to rise, see the old reliable car parked there as always and be happy enough to jump in without making a big deal out of it, or even thinking about it.

My other favorite thing about my car is that it’s like a mobile abode. I can park anywhere and roll down the windows and recline in my leather seat with a book in any public lot. The temperature is perfect this time of year!


On hairstyling

My occupation is really rubbing off on my lifestyle.
I spray my lunch produce with my spray water bottle.
I straighten my shirt collar with a flat iron.
I use hairspray to remove ink stains.
It’s amazing what a bobby pin can fix…and can’t fix.
Hair dryers are great for warming up your feet with.

Hair binders can hold together old board games.  Hair pictures are swell bookmarks.


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One Response to Life as a color wheel

  1. greyhanded says:

    Loved the comparison of life to the color wheel.
    Great blog! keep it up :]

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