Work is a Gift

Today God sent me a lovely lady, I will call her Kaia.

I was twirling my pen, dazed into space. The only thoughts in my head were, “how long can I put off my Lord of the Rings Graded Reading Assignment? I like fantasy, I don’t mind homework. But these days, I would rather be doing hair. Especially while at work.

So I was feeling grumpy. I felt frustrated by myself– Why did I go all the way to Saint Benedict for school? Why don’t I hand out more business cards? Why did I give up so many working hours during school? Why do I feel buried in a little strip mall? I ended up in a pity party and swatting off Ben, my boyfriend, on the phone: He sweetly asked if he could bring me anything–a smoothie, dinner, coffee. I told him I wanted haircuts. Send in the shaggy heads.

Then came in Kaia, possibly the cutest little blonde you’ll ever meet–very bubbly and happy, about age 22. She was so happy to get her hair cut. I, of course, was happy to cut her hair!

Kaia, young and beautiful inside and out,  is not able to work. She was a medical assistant, and loved her job. But a few months ago, she was in a bad car accident and is undergoing therapy. She seemed fine–I couldn’t tell she was injured– but she cannot lift over ten pounds. Do you know how many hiring jobs require labor like that? Many.

I feel very humble. I CAN work. I HAVE a job. Also, I met some wonderful friends at College of Saint Benedict. So many of my customers have saved their haircuts and colors for me: squeezing in on the only Saturday in five weeks that I worked; waiting ridiculously long months through college until they could drive four hours to allow me to remove their mop. I know people waiting to get their hair cut for a couple weeks because it’s my Saturday off; clients going out of their way to bring me new customers; fun conversations that make me laugh or make me smarter….etc.

I am so lucky to work and know the people that I do. God DOES provide…one divine appointment at a time, and I have seen in the past and believe it now—everything happens for a reason, and God’s timing is perfect.

Life is a gift.



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