Me? I’ve been busy fasting from chick flicks.

Tonight, I did something naughty.

July was my month that I set to fast from movies–especially from chick flicks. But after a rowdy game of cards….O.k…like two hours of cards with my beautiful four friends on girls’ night, we decided to watch a “wedding themed” movie–after all, it was a bridal shower party.

I helped pick it out. It was a movie that we had never seen, and it shared the title with a film I loved as a child which had starred Home Improvement’s Richard Karn. Title? Picture Perfect.

But this version was disappointing, despite that it featured Jennifer Aniston and Kevin Bacon. It was nothing like the family-friendly TVversion.

While there were good concepts in the movie–honesty is the best policy…unconditional forgiveness, etc…it had some seriously skewed, glamorized identities.

I guess I just really had a problem with the main character, “Kate” in the movie. She was completely insecure….thoroughly power hungry and manipulative…and “hot.”

And she, and many other attractive “bad ass” or “executive” and insecure women are the “ideal woman” in our culture.

Psychology Today (PT) featured research of the ideal woman from UC at Davis:

Subjects viewed movie clips where the female protagonists were attractive [Angelina Jolie] or less attractive [Kathy Bates] in both aggressive and non-aggressive roles. Of the four heroines, Jolie’s Tome Raider character–both hot and aggressive–was judged by both genders to be the best role model.

So attractive/aggressive women are voted as “hot.” But what gets me, is when they are attractive, aggressive, and HUGE, SELFISH BABIES that makes me appalled.

Kate, played by Jennifer Aniston** in “Picture Perfect” was just that.

She manipulated two men in the show. Make that four. But two men, she manipulated “romantically”–if you could call it that.

One guy, the “bad boy”–Kevin Bacon,** she manipulated into sleeping with her by making it appear she was in a committed relationship with a different man. Seriously, why would you want to sleep with a man who not only has a mullet, but was only interested in unavailable women? Hmmmm…red flags.

Then she manipulates the “nice guy” into taking her out to dinner, pretending to be her fiance, and faking a break-up–while he liked her, of course. Why did he like her? Because she was hot. Seriously, there could be no other reason. None. She was a total snob to him.

So of course, in the heat of the “romantic” moment–Bacon (don’t remember his name in the movie) finds out she’s not committed, and jumps off the burner and stops sizzling (sorry to play on “bacon” so much). She leaves him, realizing he only likes her when she’s unavailable–duh…isn’t that the game she chose to play?

Then, she “misses” nice boy. After completely humiliating and manipulating him, she shows up while he is videotaping a wedding and insists on talking to him while he’s filming. How selfish can you get? Seriously, she can’t wait until after the ceremony?

Nice boy with mean, hot girl

And of course, he forgives her. Why? Again, because he’s attracted to her.

Best part? All her discernment issues are chalked up with “missing father” syndrome. Viewers are supposed to think “oooo, that’s why she turned up the heat with greasy Bacon man instead of super-nice, family man…her father wasn’t around.” Understandable? maybe. Excused? no.

Women, in this culture, are taught by movies like these:

If you are attractive enough, value-loving men will ignore your attrocious behavior and remain “turned-on” by you.

Wouldn’t that be lovely? Just have the perfect body, and do whatever you want.

Sigh. Such lies.

Sexuality is so much more than just physical connection. There needs to be effort to serve one another, not just look good for one another.

I also despised the use of “good” and “bad” in the movie. The nice guy was totally angelic and unrealistic, Kate portrayed a traumatized little girl in a hormone-flaming, woman’s body, and Bacon was only interested in “bad-girl” activities and his Mercedes. These are such extremes. Nobody’s purposely that bad and purposely that good–but I guess that would be a whole other topic.

I am just so disappointed by chick flicks. I am sick of insecure women falling for the wrong guy and being “rescued” by the “right” guy. I am sick of aggressive women manipulating men and remain labeled as “sexy.”

…tell me there’s a better alternative….hope for relationships….healthy families….whole men and women…compatibility and friendship…

I know–chick flick are light-hearted, just for fun.

But I do believe sexuality is a very touchy subject for women, and there is a high-standard for what it means to be attractive in this culture. We know the media is skewed, but I needed to rant anyway.

There has got to be more than just good looks and career ambition to make a relationship healthy….

**Now, do I dislike Jennifer Aniston or Kevin Bacon? No. I don’t even know them. I disliked the characters they portrayed. They are both normal, above average looking (but yes, the mullet should have been gone…and Bacon is better at dancing and being a scary, bad guy).

Thoughts? Opinions?


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