Bridal tea party!


My best friend is getting married in three weeks!

She has the gift of hospitality and has been most generous and loyal to me. Also, she is the queen of tea parties. So it was time to give back!

I could not have done this without the inspiration from Pinterest and the help from my mom and boyfriend, Ben.

Ben not only helped me dip peanut butter pretzels in chocolate, he also set up the lights, netting, crepe paper and balloons in hot, humid weather. Seriously, he amazes me!

The weather was hot and humid, and after two games and eating, we were melted! We ended up staying inside for opening gifts and eating dessert.


Ice chai tea (big hit! Should’ve made a quadruple batch!)

Iced tea




rainbow fruit skewers                                         

triscuit bruscetta

chicken/craisin sandwiches

meat/cheese/cracker tray

veggie tray

blueberry scones and devonshire cream

peanut butter and chocolate pretzels

red velvet cake

owl cupcakes

Giant cupcake cake!

 Bridesmaids & moms

Bride to be!

Of course the weather was perfect once everyone left...


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2 Responses to Bridal tea party!

  1. JessMansour says:

    Those owl cupcakes are SO cute!!

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