Tis the season to be crafty…

Now, before we begin, I must already justify my terrible title. By crafty, I don’t mean deceptive. Although, Christmas in general has become crafty, since it sneaks up around Halloween!

On Black Friday, I stayed home. Oh wait, by “stayed home” I mean I didn’t go out Thanksgiving night, like my crazy boyfriend, nor did I go out before 11am on Friday, when all the “door buster” deals were happening.  Personally, I don’t need microfiber towels or 9$ DVDs for my invisible television–nor do I know others who needs these things.

I did, however, go shop after work because it was my upcoming anniversary–the next day–don’t ask how long–it’s no matter. Time flies when you’re having fun!

Ah, yes. You must be wondering what would drive my boyfriend to Walmart at that ungodly shopping hour, Thanksgiving night. I will tell you, right after I prove what a great cook he is. We had salad with the freshest ingredients, and the perfect dressing: a tiny bit of caesar, mixed with a bit of Raspberry vinaigrette.

Yummy appetizer!

If you think the food looks great, you should see the cook! *Swoon*

Also, I created Ben into a Mii

Oh, what? How’d that get in there? That’s right. Ben stayed up and traversed Walmart for a Nintendo Wii! We made characters for each other, and continued to play Just Dance 3 and Ben let me play Zelda for a few hours 🙂 I know.We’re nerds. But it was fun!

Overall the evening was a success!

Don’t you like how I began this blog telling you it would be about crafts and instead talked about playing video games on my anniversary? I am so crafty.

For real, I did shop that Friday afternoon and picked up materials for scarfs and fabric flowers, painting, and accessorizing. I can’t tell you what I’m making, as it should be a surprise to a few of my readers. However, here are some excellent craft ideas for Christmas, where it’s not too late to start!

Why not save some money and give someone something with a personal touch? After all, too many people have what they already need.

My creativity is inspired by Pinterest.

Explore and stockpile projects and ideas yourself with Pinterest.com


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