I relocated…to a closet.

entry way and walk-in closet on the right

I moved into a closet.

Not the Harry Potter kind, but the “I’m-living-in-the-big-city” kind. Once I found out I was accepted at the very chic, vintage Phresh Spa & Salon on Grand Avenue, I snabbed a 300 sq. ft efficiency.

Why? I love walking to work…and I’m cheap. I told a client I was moving to an efficiency, rarely driving my ’94 vehicle because I was cheap, and he corrected me: “You’re not cheap. You’re responsible.”

Yes, responsible.  I like that.

A friend told me he lived in an efficiency once.

“That’s great!” I said, “what advice do you have for me?”

I was beginning the packing process, which is similar to being stranded on a ship and choosing about three things to take with you.

His advice? “Move out.”

Me: “just signed the 1 year lease.”

Him: “Don’t have any full-size couches.”

Me: “That’s what I sleep on at night.” (No worries, it’s a hide-a-bed couch)


It’s an odd time to move, the week of Christmas, when you’re ending a job you’ve had for a fifth of your life and beginning a new one, as you’re wrapping up Christmas shopping and gifts for the season. Thanks to the lack of ice and my stress adrenaline pumping, the move was pretty smooth…besides the fact that three weeks later I still have no coffee for my coffee maker.  Then again, Caribou, Starbucks, Café Latte, Bread and Chocolate, and Brueggers are within a 3 minute walk from me—and these places have internet, unlike my apartment.

Also, I have no television, and I don’t want one.

No, I am not accepting Amish friendship bread at this time.

My freezer and cupboards are well stocked (especially with chocolate, thanks to Christmas!) because I live near Trader Joes and a connection to Costco through my best friends. I also have a well-stocked wine table…not to say I have wine. In the wine compartments of my table: Pam cooking Spray, Olive oil, Gummy Vitamins, Lemon juice.

bathroom mirror for tall people.

Other quirks in my apartment include:

1) My ceiling fan looks like the claw in a vending machine, it’s so wilted.

2) My bathroom mirror can reflect my eyes and above.

3) My refrigerator sounds exactly like a stomach gurgling.

4) “Low” on my Space heater resembles a partially cloudy day in the desert.  Have I mentioned that I dream about bringing my humidifier to my apartment? Literally, I dream this.

So my plan of attack for moving in, was to move in as though staying on a two week vacation: bring what I really need and then bring in other things as I need them. But let’s be honest, when you’re packing a car and making multiple trips, you want to pack as many things as possible that you can.

Despite this, thanks to my recent bouts of deep cleaning, things turned out alright. I rather enjoy my space now, and can’t wait to hang artwork on the walls and organize that last cabinet of papers and office supplies.


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7 Responses to I relocated…to a closet.

  1. kirsten m says:

    So cute, Annie!!

  2. Becky says:

    Are you hungry! I can bring you good meals from time to time! We just made spaghetti, so let me know when you are coming back towards your old home, and I’ll bring you something.
    What other stuff do you need. ?

    • Faye says:

      yay! haha. I don’t know that I need anything right now…food is always good though 🙂 When I get a little further on a painting, I would love to invite you over for tea and advice! We could take a walk too, if needed 🙂

  3. It looks great!! I’m excited to come visit 🙂

  4. Invite me too! Too forward? Well this post made me laugh. 🙂

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