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Let Ride

Stones ***** We are souls, poured, then frozen into the cracks of coffee shops, Chiseled free through our scribblings,   thin and cracking confessions. * The girl in the tight, window-case dress speaks above the folk-style band, into her cell, … Continue reading

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That kind of power

What if you told him, “As long as there is gas in my car, I will always seek you.” What if you stopped for every rainbow, snapped a picture,  remembered every recent promise fulfilled? What if every person you found on the … Continue reading

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Life as a color wheel

Life is a color wheel. Primary colors are best friends and family.Close friends are secondary, tertiary colors.Complementary is the boyfriend/significant other– they make each other bright when next to each other. Favorite colors are the combination of two best friends. … Continue reading

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